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Yes, this a blog to share helpful experiences and ideas with "old people." I reject the term "senior citizen" because I don't like those made-up terms whose only purpose is to disguise reality. A crippled person is no less crippled for being called "disabled", and a mentally retarded person is no brighter for being called "special". Even worse is "senior." I was a senior in high school and college, and I refuse to accept the condescending term "senior" at the age of 77. I have no special qualifications to advise elderly people (I like the time-honored terms "elderly" and "elders"), but I hope that by presenting some things I've learned, and receiving comments from readers, this blog will improve some lives. If you are under 65 years old, I suggest that you avoid this blog. You'll have time enough later to think about old age.

Friday, December 31, 2010

A Simple Remedy for Lower Back Pain

After doctors failed to relieve pain in my lower back -- pain which had probably been aggravated by too many contortions while I played golf -- I discovered that this simple procedure can not only lessen the pain but even take it away completely.  I didn't invent this -- it is akin to yoga stretching and to the limbering postures of dancers -- but I did discover it for myself.

Stand erect, then bend forward from the waist, relaxing as much as possible and letting your arms and hands hang down limply.  Remain that way for as long as you can (at least a minute or two) and as your muscles are stretched, your hands and the top of your head will gradually move closer to the floor.

Do this every day.